Morning Meeting Experience (in person or virtual):

Peek into one of our favorite daily rhythms: our Morning Meeting.

Our Morning Meeting starts at 8:30 on every weekday. Every person from our company attends (virtually for now, but in a large gathering space on our floor in non-covid times) to hear sales, quality and delivery updates, celebrate each other's lean improvements and to share progress on strategic goals. We are where we are because other companies were willing to share their learnings with us, and we love to pay it forward.

We ask that you complete the online form below. When you hit the ‘SUBMIT’ button, it will go to our Sales Development Representative for review. The SDR will reach out to you to setup a mutually agreeable time for everyone to attend the Cambridge Morning Meeting. We encourage you to include everyone on your team who would like exposure to a people-centric culture filled with lean continuous improvement.