"I love being part of a family business because I can take time to learn people’s stories and see them grow and flourish.  My big dream is to restore glory and dignity to manufacturing.  Here, I get to see people go to work and think about how to make improvements, fix what bugs them and collaborate to solve problems.  They go home with that mindset and create happier families and thriving communities.  It is hard to express the joy I feel seeing people courageously step out of their comfort zone and celebrate that."



"I love the fact that Cambridge exists for a higher purpose and invites me and others to join in serving that purpose.  I love that we take care of each other and take care of our clients as though we are caring for those we love.  I love that we are allowed to courageously use the word LOVE without losing the joy and fruit that comes with running a profitable growing business.  I love that Cambridge allows me to be one person inside and outside the company, without having to compartmentalize my life. This frees me up to live one life fully – as a father, a husband, a son, a board member, and in my role as president of Cambridge.  So few people get to experience that gift. Tangibly, I love the experience of the morning meeting, where people grow and encourage one another and we start every day with gratitude.  Cambridge enriches the quality of my life in many ways and I am very thankful!"



"I love Cambridge for many reasons, but the most important is the deep love and respect that we have for people- not just employees, but our customers, vendors & anyone else we have the opportunity to work with. I always feel that my co-workers have my best interest at heart, even when it means they have to have a difficult conversation with me. No silos, no turf wars, just a striving for respect and team work. The feeling that we are in this together, and together we can do anything. The foundation for leadership at Cambridge is humility and service. I am challenged every day to grow as a servant leader, & am constantly shown examples of such by my fellow leaders. While my pace and limitations are acknowledged and respected, I am never allowed to stand still. I am expected to courageously go outside of my comfort zones, and to encourage others to do so as well. I have never enjoyed a team as much as I have this one. I have grown more as a leader in my 8 years at Cambridge than I did in the 20 years preceding it. And, as a result, have had more fun than one man is allowed to have in his career!"



"I love Cambridge because the entire organization is committed to growing people.  Through our people and each of their unique gifts we can create product and process solutions that improve lives.  Cambridge is a truly unique working environment that I’m excited to share. I find my work fulfilling because our leadership team fully supports my desire to create a “whole person” environment in the workplace, recognizing that success at work can lead to success at home, and that success at home is equally important. The support I receive in encouraging my team to live one enriched life, bringing their best energy and engagement daily, is a blessing I receive here at Cambridge."



"I have the ability by being a leader at Cambridge to impact people’s lives and change the world one piece at a time. I have the ability to grow because the culture is so creative and contagious. Cambridge allows employees to take risks and make mistakes and this helps builds trust.  Once trust has been established, the employees' unused genius is unlocked and they can accomplish anything."



"I love Cambridge because of the people who work here!  Our team members are some of the most courageous and loving people I’ve ever met.  This culture and this team inspire me to be a better person everyday! The opportunity to serve at Cambridge is a rare combination of a high performing team in a growth business with a bold unique culture.   It’s tremendously fulfilling to feel as though your natural gifts and talents are recognized and can be used to serve others."



"I love being part of a company that is able to deliver innovative and efficient solutions to our customers’ needs.  It is amazing to work at a place like Cambridge where that attitude is shared at every level of the organization. I am extremely lucky to work with a bright, talented, passionate group of people that share my desire to improve, automate, and eliminate waste.  Together, we have created an environment where every team member’s input is sought and appreciated.  We help each other to succeed, and celebrate victories as a team."



"I love Cambridge because it allows me to have an incredible work / life balance. At Cambridge I don’t “Go to Work” every morning as work to me implies something that you have to do. For me I prefer to say “I Go to the Office” where I get the opportunity to lead a group of incredible people which is professionally fulfilling. One of the 8 wastes that we work hard to avoid at Cambridge is unused employee genius. As a leader I strive to cultivate an environment where all marketing team members can use their unique genius daily here at Cambridge. Nothing is more fulfilling than watching people contribute to the successes that we achieve as a team. Instead of being told what to do they get to decide the path to success and for me there is nothing more fulfilling than providing an environment for professional growth."



"I started here at Cambridge when I was 17. Since then, I've lived a blessed life - I have a happy home, a loving wife, 3 great boys and 2 beautiful grandchildren. It’s 32 years later and as I look back at where I have been and what I have, Cambridge is definitely a huge part of that and for that I am truly thankful. When I hear the word leader I sometimes think of it as an individual, but the nice thing about Cambridge is that it doesn’t feel that way. Being on the leadership group here is just that - a group, a team. We work together and win together and any time you can share in success - It feels great."



"I’ve been at Cambridge more than 21 years - I’ve spent a huge part of my life here, and when you like the people you work with, and have the opportunity to grow within a company, it doesn’t feel like a job. As a regional manager, it is fulfilling to be able to share Cambridge’s vision with other business leaders and to see them grow and prosper - that in itself is pretty rewarding."



"Cambridge Air Solutions is a very unique people-centric organization committed to fostering long-term growth of our team members through constant improvement, engagement, and recognition. We are truly an organization that lives up to the commitment of growing people and developing leaders in the industry. I like having autonomy in my role and knowing that my leadership team helps me by supporting my efforts in the field. Every member of our team has a role and knows that their efforts go towards a common goal. I’m proud to speak with peers and colleagues about my role with Cambridge and even more excited to get to share our culture first hand with them."



"I love Cambridge because of reciprocating relationship between the employees and the company. The employees truly care; which is on display through their level of engagement every day. The company truly cares about the employee well-being; which is shown every day through the company culture and employee investment . It’s an awesome balance that creates a wonderful place to work.  

The most fulfilling thing at Cambridge is the unconditional love and high expectations we share with each other. We expect a lot of each other and even more from ourselves. We want everyone to grow as a person, every day."



“I knew the day that I walked into Cambridge and met the leadership team that I had been blessed with an opportunity of a lifetime to work for a truly family oriented company. The entire organization from the people building the units all the way to the top of the organization are caring, dedicated, and take pride in their role in the company and truly care about the relationships of everyone within the Cambridge family. The daily morning meetings that take place in the plant are absolutely beyond anything that you can imagine. I am looking forward to growing as a person and as a Regional Manager within the Cambridge Air Solutions family.

I am so blessed and proud to be a part of the Cambridge family. I look forward to building genuine and long lasting relationships with Cambridge and all of the people that we come in contact with in the years ahead.”



"Leadership is about empowering, and entrusting your team, by building long-lasting and caring relationships with each member on the team, to the extent where each team member is willing to own his/her mistakes (and learn from them), as well as to enjoy in the reward of their own success, and/or the team’s success. I have always felt that leadership should always be a work in progress and Cambridge absolutely believes that we are always evolving and should always be growing not just ourselves but our teams and everyone around us."



"Cambridge has an exceptional culture that is supportive and engaging.  This enables each person in the Cambridge family the ability to grow and achieve amazing results. Being a leader at Cambridge enables me to help people grow and achieve their goals in life.  Also, I love working with others to generate massive improvements on our business processes."