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At Cambridge Air Solutions we provide heating, ventilation and tempered cooling solutions for a wide variety of diverse, specialty buildings. Each of these structures can have a unique set of requirements which require specialty heating and cooling solutions to best protect both the building's occupants and the products or objects contained within them. From car washes to rug drying facilities to indoor sports arenas to movie studios, the need for proper specialty HVAC solutions can be as different as the facility.  


Cambridge Air Solutions designs, manufactures and installs world-class factory heating solutions and ventilation systems across North America. We are a team full of problem solvers who are easy to do business with and ready to customize the perfect solution for your facility. Cambridge specialty heating and cooling solutions are custom built for your specific HVAC needs.



  • Car Washes
  • Rug Drying Facilities
  • Sports Facilities
  • Greenhouses
  • Movie Studios

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Cambridge's Air Solutions Tours are customized to answer your questions regarding how our technology can help you address your building's HVAC challenges, whether it is a car wash, sports facility, greenhouse, and more. Your knowledgeable Cambridge guide will walk you and your team through our facility and answer any specific questions you may have regarding HTHV, Make-Up Air, or Evaporative Cooling technology. Cambridge also offers Lean Tours that can help organizations understand how to create a more streamlined process and improved company culture. If you have questions, get in touch with our Sales Development Representative by phone or chat. Schedule an in-person or virtual tour today!

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Whereas warehouses and distribution facilities can achieve their heating and ventilation needs with only our S-Series direct-fired space heaters (which utilize energy efficient HTHV technology), specialty facilities often need a unique combination of ventilation and exhaust replenishment to remove contaminants and other pollutants from the space. These unique circumstances require a custom specialty HVAC solution which may require a larger number of Cambridge M-Series make-up air units (MAUs).

Cambridge Air Solutions's energy-efficient heating solutions - the S-Series and SA-Series lines of HTHV products - range in BTU capacity from 250,000 to 3,200,000 and are excellent solutions for specialty facilities of all kinds. Our specialty heating solutions use 100% outside air which meets the ventilation needs of ASRAE 62.1 during occupied hours or straight ventilation during the non-heating seasons.

While our M-Series line of MAUs provides the necessary exhaust replenishment and additional ventilation or tempered air cooling requirements specialty facilities may need to meet IAQ compliance standard or employee comfort requirements.


Specialty facilities are more difficult to keep cool. This is particularly true when trying to cool facilities with high-vaulted ceilings and large open spaces such as indoor sporting facilities and aircraft hangars. Moreover, air conditioners have not been a good option for cooling facilities with high capital and operating costs of these units which limits overall sustainability.

Evaporative cooling from our new ESC-Series and E-Series enables firms to gain cooling benefits without adverse effects on the environment. It has become imperative for firms to adopt sustainable practices for their production and HVAC operations, to mitigate risks of environmental pollution.

The E-Series will be a direct evaporative only cooling unit with 10 different models that range from 10,000 CFM to 80,000 CFM. The new semi-custom ESC-Series will utilize indirect, direct or two stage evaporative cooling with options to add Energy Recovery, Gas Heating, Hot Water Heating, or DC cooling. We offer 14 different models that range from 2,450 CFM to 58,800 CFM. Both lines are available as a roof top or a pad mount installation, and have several filter options, discharge options, voltage options, Mixing Box options as well as many other options to meet customers’ needs.

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Cambridge Air Solutions provides specialty heating, cooling, and HVAC solutions for a wide range of structures and applications, such as greenhouses, aircraft hangars, car washes, and factories. While each of these structures vary in size and function they all require specialty HVAC solutions to heat, cool and ventilate them to meet industry requirements and indoor comfort levels.

Factory heating and ventilation systems help provide a stable and comfortable working environment. Given their open assembly floors and large equipment, factories face many unique obstacles when it comes to HVAC solutions. Cambridge Air Solutions provides both factory heating and cooling solutions which help eliminate those obstacles. Cost effective and energy efficient solutions for factories greatly improve indoor air quality, comfortability and equipment sustainability.

Like other buildings, aircraft hangars are large open spaces that require highly efficient and industrial-grade heating solutions. However, aircraft hangars experience one unique challenge in retaining efficiency as hangar doors are very large and often opened to move inventory. With the large volume of space within aircraft hangars, maintaining an efficient and comfortable air quality and temperature is a high priority and Cambridge Air Solutions is here to help.

Car wash heaters serve an integral role in daily business operations during cold weather. Moreover, car wash heater systems not only keep internal working conditions comfortable but also help prevent wash bay equipment from freezing. Cambridge Air Solutions industrial car wash heaters help prevent freezing damage to equipment while reducing environmental impact and operational cost. 

Heating and ventilating greenhouses can be rather difficult given the natural heat and lack of insulation provided by the structure itself. As most greenhouses are made up of either glass or plastic, heat is quickly drawn into the space. Providing a stable air quality and air temperature environment is the ideal goal when selecting your commercial greenhouse heating system. Cambridge Air Solutions’s greenhouse heating solutions are designed to maintain moderate temperatures throughout the day and night during any outside weather conditions. Providing the necessary stability required for your crops to flourish.