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We exist to glorify God by enriching the quality of every life we touch.

We are committed to enriching the lives of our people, representatives, customers and suppliers by creating opportunities where anybody that "meets" our company is better off in some way, whether through thermal comfort or an inspired idea for people growth.

"Enriching Lives" IN ACTION


We help leaders in manufacturing and warehousing create healthy working environments for their people.

We design and manufacture commercial and industrial space heating, ventilation (make-up air) and evaporative cooling products. We have been helping manufacturers, distribution business owners and operators, facility managers, design engineers and mechanical contractors to create better indoor working environments through even temperatures and improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, sports facilities and other high-bay spaces.

Cambridge has invested heavily in research and development to offer HTHV (high temperature heating and ventilation) products that significantly save energy and reduce operating costs. Whether in new construction or existing facility retrofits, Cambridge’s designing, manufacturing and testing processes ensure that each HVAC system is certified safe with unsurpassed product quality. Today more than 37,000 system installations have been completed using Cambridge equipment and 2.5 billion square feet of buildings have been affected positively. Cambridge celebrates its customers’ commitment to an improved working environment for people on the factory or warehouse floor.

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People And Productivity Thrive In Clean And Comfortable Working Environments


Cambridge’s commitment to lean manufacturing is comprised of coaching, training and empowering our people to become problem solvers. This, in turn, provides many benefits to our customers: product quality, reliability, durability and serviceability to make their lives easier. Part of Cambridge’s lean manufacturing journey includes a “Paying it Forward” approach. We have enjoyed great support from many manufacturing business owners across the U.S. in order to get to where we are today as an organization. We are commited to provide that same generosity to other business leaders that are interested in learning about how LEAN can improve their people’s and their customer’s lives by inviting others to join us for a half-day lean tour at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri.



It’s an aspirational concept, one that you might not associate with manufacturing. We see it every day, though, through the companies that share their stories with us when they visit our facility or our colleagues at trade events. The goal of lifting our industry to a higher standard by giving back to the community and to employees might not be intrinsic to all leaders - yet, more and more, we see shining examples of our friends in this business doing just that.

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