Discover How Energy Saving Products from Cambridge Lower Costs & Provide Quality Heating

When it comes to commercial heating systems, our energy saving products are second to none. Cambridge Air Solutions routinely performs detailed analyses of our commercial heating systems. Our quality heating solutions have helped commercial and industrial clients save energy and keep costs low utilizing our energy saving products.

Over the years, Cambridge Air Solutions has performed detailed analyses on the performance of heating systems in industrial and commercial buildings, and the findings of those reports are included in this section. See real-world results behind Cambridge innovation, and how our energy saving products have worked to provide companies quality heating at a lower overall cost.


Cambridge Studies

These studies analyze the performance of buildings utilizing Cambridge HTHV commercial heating products within their infrastructure.


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Comparative Studies

Studies of buildings with HTHV systems vs. similar buildings with competitive systems comparing the indoor temperature and setpoint temperature, along with total cost of heating per-square foot, heating system specifications and more.

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Retrofit Studies

These studies examine the before-and-after results of retrofit projects using Cambridge Commercial Heating Systems. Our HTHV powered quality heating systems have lowered the average square foot heating costs by nearly half in some instances

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