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As a manufacturing facility owner, you know how crucial it is to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for your employees. But finding a heating and ventilation system that meets your unique needs can be a challenge.

That’s where our manufacturing partners come in. They’re experts in creating cutting-edge heating and ventilation technologies that are tailored specifically to the needs of manufacturing facilities like yours.

We work closely with our manufacturing partners to provide comprehensive solutions that deliver exceptional performance and energy efficiency. Our team of experts will assess your facility and recommend a custom solution that meets your exact requirements.

When you partner with us and our manufacturing partners, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your facility is equipped with the best heating and ventilation system available. Your employees will be comfortable and productive, and you'll save money on energy costs in the long run.


Designing an effective HVAC system for a manufacturing facility presents a unique challenge. The high-bay nature of these buildings, combined with the need for year-round heating, ventilation, and cooling, requires careful consideration to ensure optimal comfort. Meeting the specific requirements for indoor air quality and thermal comfort is essential, just like in warehouses and distribution centers. At Cambridge, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution. We believe in providing support from every angle to make sure you get the best HVAC solution tailored to meet all of your unique needs.

Some of the biggest challenges manufacturers ask us to help address include:

  • Maintaining a proper operating temperature suitable for heavy-duty machinery
  • Providing a comfortable working environment
  • Working in facilities with limited available ceiling space
  • Providing energy-efficient solutions, when so much energy is already spent on facility equipment
  • Offering solutions with low installation costs and long-term ROI

Every building is unique which is why we’d like to offer you a free on-site walkthrough to help determine the solution needed to heat, cool, or ventilate your facility.



  • Transportation Depots
  • Paint Spray Facilities
  • Food Distribution
  • Light Industrial

Air Solutions Tour

Cambridge's Air Solutions Tours are customized to answer your questions regarding how our technology can help you address your manufacturing facility's HVAC challenges. Your knowledgeable Cambridge guide will walk you and your team through our facility and answer any specific questions you may have regarding HTHV, Make-Up Air, or Evaporative Cooling technology. Cambridge also offers Lean Tours that can help organizations understand how to create a more streamlined manufacturing process and improved company culture. If you have any addition questions about our tours, you can get in touch with our Sales Development Representative by phone or chat. Schedule an in-person or virtual tour today!

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Big River Steel

  • Our industry-leading factory heating systems in the Finishing Mill protect the coiled steel, working to keep the air warm, dry, and above the dew point in order to prevent moisture from forming on the rolls.

Leading Automotive Supplier

  • Following installation of our heating and ventilation solutions for this major supplier, business and employee productivity thrived, as demand increased and the supplier expanded its facility.

See more real world applications and how our customers utilized Cambridge innovation to be the heroes of their facilities.


At Cambridge, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of manufacturing facilities. Our cutting-edge technologies are designed to deliver exceptional heating and ventilation performance for building owners.

Our S-Series and SA-Series lines of High-Temperature Heating and Ventilation (HTHV) products, with a BTU capacity ranging from 250,000 to 3,200,000, are the most energy-efficient heating solutions for factories. They utilize 100% outside air to meet ASRAE 62.1 requirements during occupied hours or non-heating seasons.

We also offer the Cambridge M-Series make-up air units (MAU), which are a great fit for applications where ventilation and exhaust replenishment are crucial. Our M-Series line provides exhaust replenishment, additional ventilation, and tempered air cooling to meet IAQ compliance standards and ensure optimal employee comfort. With our comprehensive range of solutions, we are committed to helping manufacturing facility owners achieve their specific heating and ventilation needs.


Cooling large commercial and industrial facilities is no easy feat. Traditional air conditioning units may fall short in terms of efficiency and cost, especially in buildings with high ceilings such as manufacturing plants. That's where our ESC-Series and E-Series cooling solutions come in.

We understand that environmental concerns are increasingly important to manufacturers, which is why our cooling solutions not only ensure top production but also reduce environmental pollution.

Our E-Series offers 10 different models of direct evaporative cooling units, while our semi-custom ESC-Series provides indirect, direct, or two-stage cooling options with added features like Energy Recovery, Gas Heating, Hot Water Heating, or DC cooling. With 14 different models ranging from 2,450 CFM to 58,800 CFM, both lines can be installed on the roof or on a pad mount, and come with several filter, discharge, voltage, and Mixing Box options.

With our cooling solutions, you can keep your facility at optimal temperature while reducing environmental impact and costs.


When it comes to choosing a new heating, ventilation, and cooling system for your manufacturing facility, you want to ensure that you're making the right choice for your employees and your building while keeping costs in check. Cambridge Air Solutions is here to help you become the hero of your facility.

Our solutions are designed with your needs in mind, providing optimal energy efficiency and cost savings without sacrificing employee comfort. We understand that every manufacturing facility is unique, which is why our team of experts works tirelessly to identify and proactively resolve any potential obstacles that may arise during the design, manufacturing, and installation process.

With Cambridge Air Solutions on your side, you can rest easy knowing that you have a trusted partner who will help you achieve success in your facility. Let us help you be the hero and make your manufacturing facility the best it can be.

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