Preliminary Testing of Hydrogen Admixture

Discover how our R&D Team is testing natural gas blends with higher hydrogen percentages on our HTHV Technology and the promising potential we're seeing. Our heaters are showing great materials compatibility and combustion performance, making them ideal for environments embracing sustainable energy solutions. Learn more about our S400 model's performance on natural gas blends containing up to 30% hydrogen.

Gas vs Electric

 In our white paper, “Electric vs Gas Heat”, we delve into the practical implications of using electric heat in place of highly efficient natural gas-fired heating equipment, with a specific focus on warehouses. As everyone embarks on a journey towards reducing their carbon footprint and embracing electrification, it is crucial to consider the practicality and limitations of electrical infrastructure capacity when implementing these changes.



HTHV Heating SafetyAt Cambridge Air Solutions we know that safety is not only important it’s required. Our commitment to safety and innovation are the guiding principles for everything that we manufacture and it is because of this commitment that we strive to manufacture the safest HTHV direct fired energy saving heaters available. Our HTHV heaters are “Inherently Safer” because our products use 100% outside air to heat the space.

What does 100% outside air provide? VENTILATION. Proper ventilation means superior Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). At Cambridge we have a saying, “Buildings Don’t Need to Breathe But People Do”™.



Save up to 70% on combined gas and electric energy costs by installing Cambridge HTHV energy efficient heaters. Cambridge HTHV direct gas-fired space heaters with Blow-Thru® technology are used to heat and ventilate commercial and industrial buildings where non-ducted heating solutions are specified. Our HTHV technology is recognized as the best and most energy efficient way to heat and ventilate commercial and industrial buildings in both new and retrofit installations.

The Department of Energy and energy modeling studies document that HTHV heating technology systems like our line of energy saving heaters use the least amount of energy to heat/ventilate warehouses and other commercial/industrial buildings with large open spaces.



Whether it is a mechanical contractor looking for the lowest first cost or a building owner looking for the lowest lifecycle total cost Cambridge Air Solutions Solution’s HTHV products will meet your needs. The HTHV technology in our energy efficient heaters offers the lowest overall first cost because one piece of equipment will heat, ventilate, and destratify. With other heating technologies you have to include ventilation and destratifation equipment to accomplish the same indoor air quality goals as on Cambridge HTHV direct fired heater. And because HTHV is very energy efficient your long term operating cost and facility impact cost are drastically reduced as well.

It is important to determine the lowest total heating costs for each project. Don’t let what appears to be the lowest equipment cost determine what is important when it comes to reducing installation, operating, and facility impact costs.

Cambridge manufacturers the most energy efficient space heater on the market by utilizing HTHV technology. Our energy saving heaters are built to save costs as well for both contractors and business owners.


Review the white paper on GARD Analytics' Energy Modeling Study which compares energy usage of common heating systems including HTHV direct gas fired heaters and how they provide the most energy efficient solutions in the industry.