Our Environmental Impact

The First Step on the Path to Net Zero is Energy Efficient Products

Energy-efficient products and decarbonization strategies are the building blocks for achieving your sustainability goals.

Every organization’s path to decarbonization is unique. Whether you're embarking on a new build in the west or a retrofit project for a franchise in the east, our team of experts provides comprehensive support by examining the project from every angle. With our advanced engineering resources, we analyze buildings to enable our customers to effectively meet their decarbonization goals.

By prioritizing energy efficiency and innovative solutions, we are committed to driving the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future for generations to come.


Our Ultra-Efficient Industrial HVAC Technologies

Talk about a big impact: designed specifically for warehouses and manufacturing facilities, our systems use significantly less natural gas yet still deliver healthy working environments for hard-working people. 

HTHV Heating

Cambridge High Temperature Heating & Ventilation (HTHV) Systems meet building heat and air load requirements with exceptional energy efficiency. Our unique blow-thru design ensures consistent thermal comfort and minimal temperature variation across spaces. This commercial/industrial heater is 20% to 70% more energy efficient than other gas-fired systems for large buildings.

Discover the Benefits of S-Series HTHV Heaters



Make-Up Air Ventilation 

Maximizing energy efficiency at 92% thermal and 100% combustion efficiency, our MAUs are more than just systems – they’re catalysts for productivity and savings, along with low costs for installation and maintenance. Seamlessly integrated into your building's ecosystem, they drive both performance and energy conservation, enhancing productivity and reducing costs simultaneously.

Explore How Our Make Up Air Technology and M-Series Make a Difference



Speculative Freeze Protection

Our 100% outside air ventilation solution is tailored for new speculative construction projects, tackling overproduced ventilation and heat inefficiencies. Emphasizing freeze prevention, it delivers energy-efficient airflow (CFM) and considers BTU requirements for unoccupied spaces, optimizing building efficiency and comfort.

Learn About the Advantages of Freeze Protection Technology and SPEC Air-Series




The Grand Decarbonization Scale

Our 40,000 shipped units have saved over 475,000,000 therms, which is equal to...



Analyze How Much Your Building Can Save

Imagine foreseeing necessary facility changes and the environmental and financial benefits of HVAC upgrades upfront. Let us streamline this process for you.

We specialize in tailored services like heat load analyses and energy assessments. By considering various products, both electric and natural gas, our tools provide insights needed to ensure that every decision made is aligned with your decarbonization and ESG goals. 

Our Sales Developnent Representative, Thomas Little can help you get started.



Analyze How Much Your Building Can Save

Cambridge Products Are RNG Ready

As part of our ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency, we are proud to offer RNG-ready equipment designed to help our customers transition to renewable energy sources.

Here's How We Can Help You Further Reach Your Decarbonization Goals with RNG Ready Equipment




Cambridge Products Are RNG Ready

Our Story: Harnessing Solar Power

Beyond utilizing our own equipment for energy efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation, we installed 424 solar panels on our Chesterfield, Missouri plant. These panels generate an average of 600 KWH weekly, significantly reducing emissions by 262 tons of carbon annually—equivalent to the yearly output of over 34 homes or 103 passenger vehicles. This initiative also saves us approximately $2,200 monthly, covering 10% of our electric consumption.

Read more about this initiative and stay tuned for updates on our energy transofrmation journey!



Our Story: Harnessing Solar Power

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