We're thrilled to announce that Cambridge Air Solutions will be hosting in-person lean tours throughout 2024, giving you an exclusive opportunity to experience our company culture and see how we utilize employee genius and lean practices to drive innovation and improve efficiency. Our tours will showcase our commitment to continuous improvement and provide valuable insights into our approach to air quality solutions.

In-Person Tours
See dates below, please note the timing of each tour as they will vary.

Our in-person tours are bringing us back to the true pay-it-forward format of lean. Whereas we learned by "Going and Seeing," we open our doors for other groups to see how we implement 2-Second lean in our manufacturing facility and the impact its made on our production as well as employee engagement. These tours will take place in our Chesterfield facility. You will participate in our Morning Meeting, tour several workstations where employees will walk you through their improvements from ideas to realization, and attend a live Q&A panel with our employees.


Lean Tour Scheduling

*Please provide a brief written description of your Lean Journey