Cambridge Air Solutions Seeing Success with The Launch of The New ESC-Series Line of Indirect Evaporative Units

The ESC-Series evaporative cooling unit is a semi-custom fabricated air handler that can utilize direct (DEC), indirect (IEC)evaporative cooling, or a combination of both indirect/direct (2-Stage) evaporative cooling to meet specific usage and dimensional requirements. Heating options are also available. The evaporative cooling unit uses 100% outside air to provide exceptional indoor air quality as well as building cooling. The ESC-Series unit is designed for industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings needing better indoor air quality without the equipment or operating costs associated with mechanical cooling.

Since the launch of our ESC-Series product line in January of this year, the response to our new indirect evaporative technology has been exceptional. The ESC-Series line has airflow ranges from as low as 2,450 CFM on our smallest unit (ESC4L), to as high as 58,800 CFM from our largest unit (ESC2-20).

To date, we have designed and fabricated a number of units for a wide variety of end users. Our first sale of the year was one of our smallest units (ESC4L) to SoCal gas in Southern California. The indirect evaporative was designed and manufactured with an indirect heat exchanger. We have built and delivered several of our largest units (ESC2-16 – a two-stage evaporative solution), have been installed in a manufacturing facility in Northern California.

Our most recent sale (four ESC10s – indirect evaporative with an indirect heat exchanger), is going to Butte College in Northern California. The institution of higher education is a national leader for community colleges in sustainability due to student engagement both at the college and in the community, infusion of sustainability into the curriculum, workforce development focused on green jobs, LEED certified buildings, sustainable land use management, renewable energy and energy efficiency.


  • Warehouse Distribution
  • Aviation
  • Sports Arenas
  • Greenhouses
  • Agriculture
  • Call Centers
  • Food Processing Plants


  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare / Labs
  • Waster Water Treatment Facilities
  • Foundries
  • Data Centers
  • Institutions / Prisons
  • Schools

With the evaporative cooling marketing growing at a steady pace throughout the U.S., we look forward to growing our evaporative business and continuing to help leaders create better working environments for their hard-working people.