Our applied technology experts can help.

As an industry leader at a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or distribution center, your priority when buying a new HVAC solution can range from costs to energy efficiency to creating a more effective and comfortable workplace for your employees. However, while the benefits and specifications of a solution are all undoubtedly important, it's the surrounding environment that can ultimately determine whether one merely experiences a fraction of the benefits or fully embraces them all.

Find your local representative.

Our network of industry experts are your first step to solving for your complex facility challenges. They are local to your region, and understand your climate as well as local codes you'll need to meet. Many times, they can also connect you with a mechanical contractor who can see your project through to installation. 


Schedule your no obligation building walkthrough.

To ensure that partnering with Cambridge Air Solutions results in optimal performance, we provide a complimentary, no-obligation building walkthrough. Along with your rep and sometimes, a mechanical contractor, we will examine your existing facility, its energy usage and energy needs, and determine how our products can help you reduce energy costs, creating a more effective, comfortable workplace.


See how all of the different options stack up in an Energy Use Analysis.

It can be confusing and time consuming to try to compare all of the available HVAC technologies available to you. For mechanical contractors, you are needing to put your bid together quickly and with accurate information. With this tool, you can easily compare any Cambridge Air Solutions HVAC solutions to other options in the market. 


You and your rep can engage our Applications Engineering Team to ensure the right design.

Once we’ve determined your building needs, our Applications Engineering team can help you understand what technology or product will provide the right solution to address thermal comfort and clean air for your team.

For straightforward heating, ventilation, or cooling needs, we will help you select appropriate units from our highly configurable standard product lines to deliver the proper heat input, destratification and clean air. For more complex buildings, climates, codes or requests, our team can build out a customized system that will deliver on the specific project goals.

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