S-Series Accessories

Remote Control Station

The CE-Smart system includes a lockable NEMA 1 enclosure (9"W x 14"H x 5"D) equipped with a three position selector switch (Summer Ventilation - Off - Heating); a combination seven day programmable timer and thermostat (TSS); an override timer; intermittent/continuous control; and indicating lights for blower operation (green), burner operation (red), and reset (amber).
The operator can control the heater from this panel provided the heater mounted disconnect is in the “ON” position and the service switches are in the “REMOTE” position. The TSS utilizes an encapsulated thermistor to sense space temperature. The adjustable differential is set by the selection of the ON and OFF temperatures. This control can accommodate separately programmed schedules for both the ventilation and heating modes. See the operating and programming instructions for the TSS Controller (page 20).

The intermittent/continuous control allows the burner input to be modulated to be operated continuously at modulating discharge temperature for make-up air (see EDSM - Continuous Make-Up Air Mode) during occupied hours and operated intermittently based on a thermostat at maximum discharge temperature (see EDL - Space Heating Mode) for space heating during unoccupied hours.