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Learn More About The ITH-Series Gas-Fired Infrared Heating Solutions From Cambridge Air Solutions

**As of 2018, the ITH-Series gas-fired infrared heaters are no longer part of the Cambridge product line.**

Cambridge’s ITH Series gas-fired infrared radiant tube heaters are designed to distribute warm air to smaller sections of a building, typically as a supplement to a larger space heater system. Gas radiant heaters like the ITH-Series should be used as a secondary heat source for spot and zone heating for small occupied spaces within a larger facility.

As of 2018, the ITH Series gas-fired infrared heaters are no longer available from Cambridge Air Solutions. However, we  offer other commercial and industrial heating products that provide energy savings and high-efficiency solutions. Learn more about our heating products below.


The SA-Series industrial natural gas space heaters are high-efficiency space heaters with an innovative, compact design for commercial/industrial HVAC applications. These energy efficient gas space heaters can be a direct replacement for unit heaters and doesn't have all the complexity of a condensing system.

The SA Series is not a gas-fired infrared heater, but like the ITH Series, these machines are best for smaller spaces, such as commercial kitchens, fire stations, parking garages, body shops and more. The SA-Series space heaters are highly efficient machines that bring in the least amount of fresh air required to address the facility’s heating needs.


Cambridge also manufactures the S-Series direct industrial air heaters, designed to meet a larger building’s heat and load requirements. The S-Series industrial space heaters are also 20-70% more efficient than all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems used to heat large commercial and industrial buildings such as warehouses, distribution centers, aircraft hangars and more.

Machines in this series can heat an entire building, whether that build be new or if the solution is a HVAC retrofit. These large industrial heaters are the safest, most energy efficient way to heat and have the lowest cost of ownership when compared to other heating options.

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Though we no longer manufacture the ITH-series gas-fired infrared radiant heaters, we are confident our other commercial and industrial heating solutions can work for your building or application. Speak with a Cambridge heating specialist today.