Distribution Center - New Jersey

Changing Make-Up Air Units to Cambridge HTHV Space Heaters
Retrofit Case Study

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Building Specifications 

  • 825,000 ft2
  • Over 50 year old building
  • Located in Edison, NJ

Before - Make-Up Air / Infrared Tube


  • Uneven temperatures
  • Poor system control
  • High operating costs

Operating Costs

Based on:
220,615 therms for 2007-08 heating season

$0.63/ft2 Total cost

After - Cambridge Space Heaters


  • More even temperatures
  • Lower operating Cost
  • Better system control


Operating Costs

Based on:
130,953 therms for 2009 heating season

$0.37/ft2 Total cost


The Cambridge system used 41% less gas. The Cambridge system saved approximately $66,909/year in gas cost operating at $0.37/ft2  vs. $0.63/ft2.