As a manufacturer of products that use natural gas, we support the growth of RNG and its use to reduce GHG emissions.

Cambridge Air Solutions is a partner in the vision of improving air quality and the environment – inside and out. We recognize renewable energy is an increasingly important part of a clean energy future for all. When people think of renewable energy, they think of solar, wind, and hydropower. It should be noted that Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is also a clean source of energy. RNG is reliable and always available – unlike solar and wind which is dependent on the weather and time of day.

Where does RNG come from?

It comes from organic waste materials such as landfills, wastewater, agriculture, food waste, and dairy manure. Yes, that’s correct, cows actually are making energy. Waste is collected in a digester tank where material decomposes creating a mixture of gases – mainly methane. Once the methane is collected, cleaned, and conditioned, it is now RNG.

RNG is interchangeable with natural gas:

That means it can be added into the natural gas pipeline for use in homes, businesses, factories, and generating electricity. It can even be used as a transportation fuel. RNG is a renewable resource that can be used within our natural gas infrastructure. As we better manage our waste streams from landfills to wastewater, we can create more and more renewable natural gas. That’s good because RNG is considered carbon negative. When organic waste decomposes naturally, methane escapes into the atmosphere. By capturing this gas to create renewable fuel, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change.

  •  LOWER CARBON FOOT PRINT – Direct-fired HTHV technology requires less natural gas to heat commercial and industrial buildings making it one of the most energy-efficient technologies available today.

  • REDUCED GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS – by burning less natural gas to heat facilities, direct-fired HTHV units emit reduced amounts of greenhouse gases which is better for the environment.

  • RNG READY PRODUCTS – The Cambridge Air Solutions S-Series direct-fired HTHV product line and our M-Series are both renewable natural gas (RNG) ready.

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