Western Smokehouse Partners

Problem: Western Smokehouse Partners, a leading provider of premium meat snacks in Greentop, Missouri, faced a significant challenge: fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels within their smoking facility due to  oven exhaust. This inconsistency jeopardized the quality of their products and their ability to meet customer expectations.

Solution: Teaming up with AC Systems, Western Smokehouse Partners sought an effective solution to neutralize oven exhaust and stabilize their facility's environment. The Cambridge M130 Direct Fired MUA unit emerged as a key component in this solution. While the M130 doesn't directly control humidity, its primary role was to offset oven exhaust, helping maintain a balanced airflow and stabilize temperature and humidity levels.


Results: With the implementation of the Cambridge M130 unit, Western Smokehouse Partners experienced significant improvements. By effectively offsetting oven exhaust, the M130 unit contributed to stabilizing temperature and humidity levels within the facility. This resulted in a more consistent environment, ensuring the quality and integrity of their meat snacks remained uncompromised.



Conclusion: Western Smokehouse Partners' success in optimizing their HVAC system highlights the importance of tailored solutions to address specific challenges. While the Cambridge M130 unit doesn't offer direct humidity control, its role in offsetting oven exhaust has proven invaluable in stabilizing the facility's environment. AC Systems and Cambridge Air Solutions remains committed to supporting Western Smokehouse Partners on their journey to maintain excellence in the industry.


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