Driving Accountability, Sustainability, and Efficiency to Achieve Our 2030 Goals with the Help of Lean Manufacturing

Through lean manufacturing principles, we empower every employee to drive efficiency and sustainability by improving the processes they own. The power of individual creativity and accountability fuels progress every day, ensuring that we are continuously improving as an HVAC manufacturer and as an employer.

In addition to our practice of lean manufacturing, EOS methodology ensures we stay on track to our strategic goals. Our V/TO (Vision/ Traction Organizer) helps us set our sights on the future and hold us accountable for progress. In accordance to the Cambridge V/TO, by the year 2030, we will:

  • Have enriched the lives of 10MM People
  • Be SHARP Certified
  • Offer 10 industrial product lines or services fueled by R&D exploration

Our Approach

Our approach to corporate governance and policies ensures that every decision we make, from policy creation to technological innovation, prioritizes the well-being of our customers and future generations. We empower our experts to lead the way in our efforts to decarbonize, driving meaningful progress towards a sustainable future.

Decarbonization Committee

The Decarbonization Committee, established in January 2023, is a dedicated group of shareholders, executive leaders, and team members committed to overseeing the organization's sustainability efforts. This committee meets monthly to review and guide the direction, integration, and progress of various sustainability initiatives within the company. During these meetings, members discuss emerging market trends, share updates on advocacy opportunities, and explore innovative technologies. Their collective goal is to drive the organization towards a greener and more sustainable future.

A Message From Our R&D Manager 

"The future of Cambridge products is smart, integrated, and efficient. Just as Apple products seamlessly work together, our goal is for our solutions to complement each other effortlessly. We've built our reputation on efficiency, quick installations, and cost-effectiveness. Embracing next-generation technologies will propel us forward for another successful 60 years.

I'm inspired by Minecraft and Lego's success in simplifying complex concepts into basic, accessible elements that combine to create something greater. I'm eager to apply this approach to our own products.

Looking ahead, Cambridge is innovating with non-ventilation technologies to transform building operations. We're developing compact, high-performance products driven by efficiency and next-generation electric technologies for enhanced sustainability." - Tom Cleary, Research & Development Manager


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