The Cambridge ESC6L Evaporative Cooling Unit delivers much needed temperature relief for the warehouse workers at Etairos HVAC in Memphis, Tennessee

Founded in September 2020, Etairos HVAC is the Mid-South’s largest manufacturers’ representative, specializing in the sales, service, and integration of equipment, components and aftermarket parts for commercial, institutional and light industrial HVAC applications. They are focused on the owning experience of HVAC equipment; ensuring comprehensive and holistic satisfaction from every stakeholder during every phase — from budgeting, design, and selection to installation, start-up, and preventive maintenance.

For Etairos, this mission became personal. The concept of creating a healthy working environment wasn’t just for those who sit in the cushy air-conditioned offices of their parts and service center located in Memphis, Tennessee. It also meant providing a healthy working environment for the employees who spend their days working in the hot warehouse/distribution section of the facility as well.


The problem Etairos faced was figuring out how to provide a cooler environment for those warehouse employees that wouldn’t break the bank. If it is 95°F outside, it would be at least that, if not hotter, inside their facility. The summer temperatures for Memphis can hover around 95°F with some days hitting 100°F or higher. With temperatures reaching the mid-nineties during the three summer months, the owners wanted to determine how they could create a healthy and safe environment for those employees in the warehouse.


After researching several options, Etairos knew mechanically cooling the warehouse/distribution facility was way too expensive. They decided to install an evaporative cooling solution to provide tempered cooling for the facility. This new technology utilizes a two-stage evaporative approach that has both an indirect and direct evaporative section that would provide the needed temperature depression required to cool the building. They calculated that the evaporative solution would also use 65% to 70% less energy than other solutions they considered. This reduced energy consumption was attractive to Etairos for two reason. First, they would spend less money. And second, they would use less electricity which means a smaller carbon footprint yet still achieve the needed temperature relief for their employees.

Etairos knew they had made the right decision when they were able to see the results of the Cambridge ESC6L Evaporative Cooling Unit they installed in April of 2021. In early July, the outside temperature had reached a high for the day of 96°F. Etairos installed temperature monitors inside the unit and also inside their facility. On this 96°F-day, their new evaporative unit had a discharge temperature of 81°F which delivered an internal facility temperature of 82°F. For Etairos, this was mission accomplished as last summer the internal temperature of their facility would have been consistently in the mid 90s.



  • 12 Two-Stage Models Ranging from 2,400 to 56,000 CFM
  • Indirect, Indirect/Direct, and Direct with Heat Exchanger Options Available
  • Available with Indirect Fired or Hot Water Heating Section
  • 3 Fan Options: Forward Curved, Backward Inclined, or Plenum
  • Energy Efficient VFD Controls
  • Up to 70% Less Energy Than Conventional Mechanical Cooling Systems