When Major League Soccer Club the Real Salt Lake Monarchs, Salt Lake City, UT, embarked on building the largest pre-engineered, free-span facility in North America, a critical concern was efficiently heating the space during the cold Utah winter months.

This mammoth 208,000SF structure can make a person feel rather small. With a width of 525 feet, a depth of 400 feet and a ridge height over 70 feet, the Zions Bank Training Center (designed by Nucor Steel in Brigham City, UT) houses two full-size soccer fields with unobstructed views.


For Real, providing excellent indoor air quality for the professional soccer players on the fields and the fans on the sidelines needed to be addressed. The goal for heating the building was to maintain an average temperature of 50 - 55°F using the fewest energy-efficient heating units.


For a building of this magnitude, the design team chose Cambridge Air Solutions’ High Temperature Heating and Ventilation (HTHV) technology. Four 1.6 million BTU units would heat the facility to the required 50 - 55°F temperature. Two units were installed on opposite ends of the facility with thermostats placed at a height of 10 feet off the floor. All 4 units are through-wall, vertical-mounted, which maximizes air distribution throughout the facility. These four units provide efficient, draft-free heat to the facility’s entire 208,000 square footage.

HTHV Benefits

  • Improved air temperature uniformity due to superior destratification without supplemental fans
  • Improved indoor air quality due to use of 100% outside air
  • 92% ultra-high efficiency resulting in energy savings and better indoor comfort

To ensure the fans on the sidelines were comfortable, Real installed infrared heaters over the bleachers to spot heat those areas – just in case. To their surprise, they haven’t had to use those heaters once. With HTHV technology heating the facility, Real has exceeded their initial goal of 55°F. In fact, Real is able to easily heat the facility to a comfortable 68°F, providing indoor air quality players and fans enjoy.

Success stories such as Real Soccer are proof that HTHV technology is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat high bay facilities throughout the U.S. An energy modeling study by GARD Analytics was conducted comparing air rotation, as well as other heating technologies, to HTHV technology. The resulting data supports the same conclusion…HTHV is the most energy efficient way to heat high bay buildings.

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