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Navigating Decarbonization: Is Electrification in your Facility’s Future?


In the evolution of sustainability and decarbonization, electrification is frequently celebrated as a solution to various challenges, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing reliance on fossil fuels. 

The concept of electrification is exciting – especially considering the scale of impact that lowered carbon emissions will have on our planet.  We are excited and proud of the role our highly efficient technologies play for our industrial facilities while still being able to provide healthy working environments and clean air for the people working within those facilities. 

While planning and executing strategies for your own facility’s sustainability – it’s very possible that the equipment you choose might counteract your carbon goals as well as incur significant costs. 

To that end, our Applications Engineering team has developed a Carbon Reduction Savings Tool embedded into our Energy Use Analysis process – which allows us to consider different products in your space to see how much carbon reduction and cost savings you can expect after installation. It serves as a crucial instrument to help make the most informed decision about your investment. 

Below is a case study of a 370,000-square-foot warehouse considering a retrofit project to reduce their carbon footprint. Together, with the Cambridge Applications Engineering team, the leaders of this facility considered the total CO2 of an electric resistive heat system versus a Cambridge HTHV Blow-Thru Heating system

When we ran the Energy Use Analysis (EUA) and heat load assessments against the project’s local grid mix, the results were very straightforward. Continuing with their current energy consumption practices, the adoption of an electric heating system would have led to a staggering 32% increase in CO2 emissions, an eye-opening result to the facility leader trying to lower their carbon footprint. 

The surprises didn't end there. Beyond the environmental impact, our analysis revealed an additional financial burden. Operating an electric heating system would incur an extra $200,000 in annual operating costs. This unforeseen expense raised critical questions about the feasibility of moving towards electrification. 

There is a growing push for businesses to go electric, but we can help you approach it with careful consideration. We want to stress the importance of looking at your local grid mix and doing thorough energy assessments before deciding to go all-in on electrification. Let us make it simpler for you, guiding you through the process step by step. Initiate your sustainability journey by reaching out to your local representative today

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