No Welding Required

For years we have worked with an industrial retrofit contractor. He often installed vertical S-Series heaters in locations where space was at a premium, both indoors and outdoors. Since Cambridge did not provide a stand for vertical units, he had a structural engineer design a four-legged stand made from 2” x 2” square tubing. The legs would be cut to length in the field and a base plate welded to the leg.

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No More Skinny Ducts

An industrial retrofit contractor who has used Cambridge S-Series heaters for years asked us to provide discharge ductwork. Some of the heaters were vertical stand mounts and some were horizontal stand mounts. The duct we provided was sized to fit the discharge opening of the heater for the vertical mount. For the horizontal mount, our standard downturn was basically rotated 180° and the duct was sized for the discharge opening.

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