Finding the right industrial heating solution in HTHV

Operating an industrial coal mining facility on a mountaintop in Canada has a long list of challenges. Fortunately, when it comes to providing the right amount of even heat for the workers and equipment inside, Bighorn Mining discovered High Temperature Heating and Ventilation (HTHV) was exactly what they needed. The three different high-bay buildings Edmonton had such large equipment inside that the system needed to be designed using virtually no indoor space. The solution utilized a range of Cambridge S-Series units to successfully address the need for destratification but also brought lower total installation costs as an added bonus.


The "tall" order in this project was to de-stratify the 120ft facility, while providing enough heat to keep up with the very cold -50°F design days, all while using virtually zero indoor space.

In this picture to the right, you can get a sense of the challenge - be sure to note the person in the bottom left for scale.


Designing a system for this facility would need to address the unique heating and ventilation needs of both an industrial and high-bay building in the cold -50°F Canadian weather. The 80,000 sqft by 120ft tall building had a massive volume of space to evenly heat, and was going to require a significant amount of BTUs. Together with Catan Equipment Sales (CES), a Cambridge manufacturer’s rep out of New York, a 100% outside air system was designed to dilute contaminants generated by the coal mining process & warehousing.

For reference, the original design of the project before CES was brought in included:

  • Four (4), Gas Fired Vertical Heat / Ventilation Units tagged HV-1 c/w stands
  • Four (4), Control Panels to operate HVAC System
  • Four (4), Destratification / Heat Rejection Fans tagged F-1
  • Four (4), Relief Air Dampers c/w weather hoods
  • Standard galvanized duct distribution
  • Gas Piping / Gas Fitting
  • Supports for Gas Line
  • Crane / Hoisting Equipment
  • Man-Lift / Aerial Work Platform

This original system would've involved destratification fans at the ceiling, relief dampers, duct distribution and more just to attempt to bring the heat from the ceiling to the floor. This all added up to a very costly installation and inefficient design.

The new system designed for this Canadian mining facility included three different models of the Cambridge S-Series:

  • Prep Building: Four Cambridge S3200s
  • Press Building: Two Cambridge S950s
  • Load Out Building: One Cambridge S400

The total installed cost for the Cambridge solution on all three buildings was LOWER than the installed price the owner received for ONLY the Prep building with the original solution.


HTHV is a technology class of products established by the US Department of Energy (DOE) with the goal of increasing the energy efficiency of heating equipment throughout the US and beyond.  By definition, HTHV technologies are certified to a discharge temperature which is greater than or equal to 150°F and a temperature rise greater than or equal to 140°F and also has the ability to both heat and ventilate commercial and industrial structures. 

Saves Energy & Reduces Carbon Footprint
Blow-Thru® technology allows industrial space heaters to efficiently heat with a smaller design, compared to a conventional draw-thru make-up air heater. Energy savings from 20 to 70% are realized as compared to all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems that are typically used to heat large industrial spaces.  Saving energy with your heater means a corresponding reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Lower Overall Costs
The total installed cost for the Cambridge solution on all three buildings was lower than the installed price the owner received for ONLY the Prep building with the original solution.  In the end, the owner close to a million dollars on reduced equipment and installation costs.

In addition to the massive installation savings, the owner was able to realize drastic energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Heating with Cambridge’s HTHV products have the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to other heating technologies, especially when compared to standard efficiency gas unit heaters. Our HTHV products have been proven through both a DOE study and our own building studies to save between 20% to 70% on energy depending on the building, location, application, and installation.

Cambridge large industrial space heaters require less maintenance and are built to last a long time. Our Blow-Thru® design means critical elements like the motor are located in the cool air stream for an extended life. For added reliability, Cambridge offers an industry-leading warranty package: two years for the commercial space heater and five years on the Cambridge burner.