Idaho School District is committed to providing a comfortable and healthy space for students to develop physically despite freezing cold winters 

At a high school in Idaho, a well-rounded education for their students is a top priority. Whether that be an extraordinary experience in the classroom to learn and grow intellectually or a healthy environment to grow physically, putting students first is the primary goal. 

When this Idaho school district decided to build a new fieldhouse, they knew that their students would be using the facility during those extremely cold Idaho months where the temperature would not allow them to be outside. And, the school district wanted to create an exceptional structure where the students were able to thrive. 


When it came to identifying top priorities to address, many topics came to the forefront – excellent indoor air quality, space to allow the diverse student population to play and exercise, as well as a heating and ventilation solution that was as energy efficient as possible. Everyone agreed that reducing the carbon footprint was something everyone should work to achieve. But, doing so and still providing superior IAQ would be a challenge. 


To help achieve their goals, the school district pulled a team together that included the builder, engineers, mechanical contractor, and other experienced experts, to determine what technology would deliver the desired IAQ and carbon reduction. Initially, they were thinking about using air rotation technology. But, throughout the process, the school district learned about a 100% outside air heating technology that would not only exceed their carbon reduction goals, but would also meet the IAQ goals as well. The technology they felt would deliver for their new sports venue was high temperature heating and ventilation (HTHV). While researching HTHV, they learned there was a similar building to their fieldhouse that was also using HTHV. This was the professional soccer team in Salt City, UT – Real Salt Lake. After a field trip to Real to see the technology first-hand, it was determined that this was what they should use as well. 

The HTHV solution was provided by Cambridge Air Solutions. The two S-1200 units have been able to provide even indoor temperatures throughout the 45,000 s/f facility with thermostat settings of 72°F and a design temperature of -20°F. 

Once the facility was finished, the school district planned an open house where they would showcase the new fieldhouse to the general public. The open house took place during the winter months, which meant that the new HTHV units would be put to the test. The question was how well they would work. As promised, the two HTHV units installed in the fieldhouse exceeded expectations and were the topic of discussion among the attendees. How could two units heat such a large space, all the while using 100% outside air, which also provided fresh ventilation air for their new facility. 


HTHV Benefits: 

  • Improved air temperature uniformity due to superior destratification without supplemental fans 
  • Improved indoor air quality due to use of 100% outside air 
  • 92% ultra-high efficiency resulting in energy savings and better indoor comfort 

Whether it’s providing a comfortable space for high school students to develop their physical skills or heating high-bay factories, HTHV technology is the most energy-efficient solution for these types of structures. To learn more about how this technology could address your facility’s needs, schedule one of our custom Air Solution Tours