Texas Warehouse Ditches Swamp Cooler for Fully Optimized Energy Efficient Solution


Eldridge Ventilation and Noise Control believes in pushing the boundaries of what's possible when it comes to creating the perfect cooling and ventilation eco system in their warehouse. Their journey began when Joe Davis, the visionary behind their facility, envisioned a showplace where customers could experience firsthand the epitome of warehouse excellence, especially during complex seasons like the scorching Houston summers. What started as a simple idea transformed into a remarkable success story that defied conventions and set new standards in what it means to install a “green” cooling solution.

The Problem:

In the peak heat of Texas, traditional cooling systems simply couldn't meet Eldridge’s aspirations. Joe Davis sought a cooling solution that would not only keep their warehouse comfortable but also prioritize energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. However, he encountered a significant roadblock—no existing systems in Texas met their criteria. He refused to settle for anything less than the best.

The Solution:

Undeterred by the lack of suitable options, Eldridge embarked on a mission to not only showcase a unit from a company they believed in, but also demonstrate what installation of an optimized environment really looked like. That’s when they combined the cutting-edge technology and innovative design of our ESC-Series with a green mindset to develop a solution that would surpass all expectations.

The Core Components that Make Up the Success Behind the Eldridge Warehouse Include:

  • Indirect Evaporative Cooler: Their cooling needs were fulfilled by our Indirect Evaporative Cooler. The ESC-Series supplies cool, filtered air to their warehouse without adding moisture to the environment—an essential requirement for withstanding Houston's climate comfortably.

  • Solar-Powered Exhaust Fans: To achieve optimal airflow, Eldridge installed two 42" Solar Fans. These exhaust fans harnessed the power of the sun, operating entirely off-grid. With their strategic placement at the 20' level in the northeast corner of the building, they effectively expel hot air, ensuring efficient ventilation.

  • HVLS Fan for Air Turbulence: To further enhance air circulation, they incorporated a 20' HVLS fan. This fan created space air turbulence, facilitating better distribution of cooled air throughout the warehouse.

Overcoming Misconceptions:

As Eldridge proudly unveiled their state-of-the-art set up, they encountered skepticism and misconceptions. Visitors often mistook our ESC-Series for traditional swamp coolers, which add moisture to the air. However, our system utilizes a sophisticated method of indirect evaporative cooling, ensuring a comfortable environment without the drawbacks of increased humidity.


The impact of the Cambridge ESC-Series has surpassed their expectations. Visitors who attended the legendary Eldridge "Warehouse Wednesdays" events experience firsthand the remarkable transformation within their warehouse. Despite scorching 90-degree temperatures outside, spectators step into a cool and comfortable environment, leaving them astonished.

The ESC-Series has effectively tackled their heat load, averting an average temperature increase of 2.5°F. With an impressive cooling ability ranging from 10 to 15°F (depending on ambient humidity), their Warehouse has achieved an astounding net performance of 7.5 to 12.5°F temperature reduction throughout the space.


 Eldridge has redefined cooling and ventilation success and it’s a testament to how HVAC units may have stand-alone success, but it is nothing compared to the success and sustainability of an optimized environment. By pushing beyond the limitations of existing solutions, they crafted an extraordinary system that meets their green objectives, minimized energy costs, and has provided optimal employee and guest comfort.

At Eldridge Ventilation and Noise Control, they invite you to witness the power of ingenuity, experience unparalleled cooling, and be inspired by what can be achieved when determination meets cutting-edge technology.