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How Two Military Bases are Keeping Fully Operational by Investing in their Facility’s Heating and Ventilation Systems


Camp Casey and Camp K16 are two U.S. military bases in South Korea that are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for the brave men and women who serve our country. But during the deeply cold winters, maintaining a healthy working environment for the troops can be a real challenge. 

 Recently, an HVAC manufacturing representative local to the base brought Cambridge Air Solutions technical experts to Camp Casey and   Camp K16 to provide training on the S-Series HTHV heating system and M- Series ventilation systems. The S-Series - is designed to maintain set point temperatures with minimal maintenance, tempers 100% outside air for clean, even heating through the large spaces.

 The M-Series – designed for its flexibility in bringing make-up air to industrial applications – was ideal for the demanding environment of these military bases. The team provided on-site training at each location, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills needed to operate the heating systems to ensure the best indoor air quality and thermal comfort for the troops.

The leaders at Camp Casey and Camp K16 understand the impact the working conditions can have on the people within the various military facilities and since implementing these cutting-edge heating solutions, they can now maintain even indoor air quality and warmth, even during the cold winter months. They are committed to investing in their people by embracing new and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of their unique military environment. As part of our continued partnership, they can be confident that they have the right durable, and reliable equipment and technology they need. 

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