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Commercial and Industrial Freeze Protection | The Cambridge Spec-Air Series


Developers working with speculative warehouses and buildings that need ventilation and minimal heat often find themselves producing more heat than is necessary. The Cambridge Spec Air Series is exactly what you need when your goal is not to provide comfortable heating, but to provide the freeze protection and building ventilation required for a new warehouse or speculative building. 

The real need is to provide proper airflow with commercial and industrial freeze protection solutions that meet the building code requirements. Spec buildings and warehouses, such as storage facilities or rentable unoccupied spaces, do not need comfortable heating. That’s why our Spec Air Series is designed to provide freeze protection up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Even though there won’t be anybody inside the speculative buildings, it’s important to have proper building or warehouse temperature control to prevent freezing pipes. Keeping your building in the best shape possible is key to finding a tenant to rent the facility. The Spec Air Series Solutions units are roof-mounted and are designed to pull in 100% outside air. No additional duct work is needed since the discharge duct is attached to the unit. There are four basic commercial and industrial freeze protection units available based on CFM (with CFM increments up to 34,000 CFM). 

If you have a spec building project where budget is important, but proper ventilation and minimal heat are required, the Spec Air Series can provide the airflow solutions and freeze protection you need.

Don't let your speculative building project suffer from improper ventilation and freeze protection. Contact a representative today to learn more about the Cambridge Spec Air Series, specifically designed to meet building code requirements and provide the necessary airflow solutions and freeze protection for your project. With budget-friendly options and roof-mounted units that pull in 100% outside air, the Spec Air Series is the ideal solution for your commercial and industrial freeze protection needs. Contact us now to get started!

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