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The Right Solution For Industrial Cooling Lies Somewhere Between DX Cooling And HVLS Fans


Evaporative cooling can provide significant temperature relief at a fraction of the cost of mechanical cooling.

Industrial settings - with much exhaust airflow for contaminants and a substantial footprint - can struggle to achieve clean and temperate indoor air conditions without expensive mechanical cooling systems. However, the sheer size of many of these facilities prices that technology out of the possible solution set. On the other end of the cooling option spectrum, HVLS fans tend to move the hot air around, dependent on contact cooling for temperature relief. The moving air from HVLS fans can help employees feel more comfortable but cannot address internal heat gains within a facility nor provide temperature relief. Somewhere between those two options stands evaporative cooling technology, which provides tempered make-up air while also improving indoor air quality with the usage of 100% outdoor air. 

Two-Stage Evaporative Cooling Technology Shines in Industrial Facilities

The Cambridge ESC-Series evaporative cooling unit is a semi-custom fabricated air handler that can utilize direct (DEC), indirect (IEC) evaporative cooling, or a combination of both indirect/direct (two-stage) evaporative cooling to meet specific usage and dimensional requirements. In two-stage cooling, the first (indirect) stage uses a patented polymer heat exchanger that separates the ventilation air stream from the vaporizer air stream resulting in full sensible cooling without any added moisture. The second stage of cooling provides additional temperature depression through an adiabatic direct evaporative process. With semi-custom options such as stainless steel construction, energy recovery, fan arrays, special filtration, and additional cooling and heating modules, the Cambridge ESC-Series can be designed to meet the specific requirements of your facility to create a healthy work enviornment that increases productivity and improves employee retention.

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