Cambridge Air Solutions is offering the two-stage ESC-Series to meet current market demands for custom cooling units in the industrial and commercial sectors. With an airflow range from 2,500 to 56,000 CFM, our evaporative cooling technology delivers a more comfortable working environment at a significant reduction in operating costs when compared to mechanical cooling.

Watch this feature of our Cambridge M-Series Makeup Air units with Evaporative cooling!

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In this animation, the technology of a ESC-Series two-stage evaporative cooling unit is showcased.

In this recorded webinar produced for Engineered Systems in the Fall of 2019, our VP of Sales and Marketing, Doug Eisenhart, discusses the three trends driving manufacturing excellence.

Written by Bill Meyer, Cambridge Applications Engineer

An industrial retrofit contractor who has used Cambridge S-Series heaters for years asked us to provide discharge ductwork. Some of the heaters were vertical stand mounts and some were horizontal stand mounts. The duct we provided was sized to fit the discharge opening of the heater for the vertical mount. For the horizontal mount, our standard downturn was basically rotated 180° and the duct was sized for the discharge opening. 

Our contractor commented that he liked the duct. However, it would be easier to work with and be more stable if it was redesigned with a broader, more square, cross section.

Cambridge decided to redesign the upturn and the ductwork to make it easier to work with in the field. The upturn and 3’, 4’ & 5’ vertical duct extensions have since been added to our standard product offering.


Cambridge has been actively supporting our contractor partners with industrial retrofit heating/ventilating projects for over 40 years. Projects include: aluminum rolling mills, automotive/farming/construction/mining equipment manufacturers, tire plants, electrical appliance & motor manufacturing, corrugators, insulation product manufacturing, steel processing plants, bottling & canning plants, warehousing & distribution centers.