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The Shaun P. McLaughlin Golf Classic Event: where fun meets philanthropy!


What began as a casual golf outing has evolved into something truly special. The Shaun P. McLaughlin Golf Classic started as a way for colleagues to enjoy a day on the course, but it has since grown into an annual event that honors the memory of Shaun P. McLaughlin while raising funds for a worthy cause. At Cambridge, we believe in the power of giving, and this event serves as a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact. 

Shaun, a previous Cambridge Vice President of Sales, was a beloved figure who sadly passed away from melanoma cancer over a decade ago. Around that same time, we decided to expand the golf classic and make it a charitable affair to pay tribute to him and his family. We chose the Siteman Cancer Center as our beneficiary, a local institution that provides cancer care to many in the St. Louis area. 

The event has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Starting with just 40 golfers, it now boasts an impressive turnout of around 112 participants and counting. Current and former employees, vendors, and representatives all join in on the fun and show their support through generous donations and sponsorships. So far, we have raised a total of $94,100 through the years, with a grand total of $12,000 raised from the 2023 event! 

While the golf classic has grown in size, as the organizers, we have kept it close-knit, ensuring it remains a special gathering for the Cambridge family, both internal and external. We believe in preserving the intimate nature of the event, making it a heartfelt tribute to Shaun and a celebration of the strong bonds within our community. 

The day itself is filled with friendly competition and enjoyable activities. Mulligans and skins add some excitement to the game, while vendors generously donate prizes for participants to win. The atmosphere is light-hearted and filled with camaraderie, making it a truly enjoyable experience for all. 

The Shaun P. McLaughlin Golf Classic is an annual highlight for everyone at Cambridge. It combines the joy of golf with the power of giving back, creating a meaningful event that brings people together for a great cause. Shaun's legacy lives on through this cherished tradition, reminding us of the impact a small idea can have. 

We continue to draw inspiration from events like the Shaun P. McLaughlin Golf Classic to fuel other initiatives. We understand the importance of making a positive impact, and we actively strive to contribute to our community in meaningful ways. Here are some other ways you can give back by leveraging your business model: 

1) Empowering Education: We believe that organizations that support education are also supporting a catalyst for change. Through partnerships with local educational organizations, mentorship programs, and scholarships, you could provide opportunities for students to thrive and pursue their dreams. 

2) Environmental Stewardship: Protecting our planet is a priority for us all. We implement eco-friendly practices within our company, such as energy-efficient solutions and waste reduction strategies and you could too. By collaborating with environmental organizations, you could also support conservation efforts and raise awareness about sustainable practices. 

3) Philanthropic Initiatives: Don’t have a team or network with a lot of golfers? No problem! You could encourage your employees to actively engage in other charitable activities in other ways that are enticing to them. Fostering a culture where fun meets philanthropy brings purpose and fulfillment to employees. 

4) Social Responsibility: Acknowledge that there is a responsibility to address social issues and support vulnerable populations that comes with a leadership position. Through collaborations with local nonprofits, aim to make a meaningful difference in areas like healthcare, poverty alleviation, and community development. 

5) Employee-Led Initiatives: We value our employees' ideas and passion, and we’re sure you do as well. A potential Employee Giving Program provides resources and financial support for initiatives proposed by your team members, empowering them to champion causes they deeply care about. A program like that could foster a sense of ownership and strengthen your connection not just with the external community, but the internal one as well. 

The Shaun P. McLaughlin Golf Classic Event serves as a powerful reminder of the impact giving back can have. By combining the joy of golf with philanthropy, we can create lasting change and make a difference in the lives of others. If you're looking for inspiration on how to give back, we hope our insights and the spirit of the golf classic have given you some inspiration! Together, let's make a positive impact and build a better future for all.