Cambridge Executive Team Discusses Common Challenges in Manufacturing in MAM's 'Gearing Up' Q&A Panel

We had the pleasure of hosting a virtual plant tour, as well as a Q&A panel for the Cambridge executive team. Many of the challenges discussed are not unique to our organization, so we hope that sharing our approach might provide ideas and inspiration to others in other people-centric and/or manufacturing organizations.

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Enriching Lives During Covid -19 - Part 2

When we realized that we were going to have to address the COVID-19 situation at Cambridge Air Solutions from a corporate standpoint, we started a Steering Committee, as I am sure many of you did. Our COO/CFO was part of this committee and he stated up front that the Committee needed to act within four core principles, Wellbeing, Generosity, Creativity and Transparency. These principles fall into line with our “We exist to glorify God by enriching every life we touch.” But how exactly do you “Enrich Lives” when things are changing faster than you can react?

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Curious What The Best Practices For An Internship Program Are?

Internship.  The word that is always in the back of most college students’ heads.  Where do I start?  How do I get one?  Is my resume good enough?  Am I good enough?

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The Power of Redefining the Employer/Employee Relationship - Cambridge Culture Unleashed

The goal was 10 applicants for each opening. In a tight labor market? There’s no question: this is the most difficult time to build engaged teams in a generation. There are so many interests competing for attention. From finding workers, to upskilling them - how can we make sure we attract the right people in the first place? We’d have to be crazy to attempt it!

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