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Empowering Women in Manufacturing: A POV of Our Day at the Missouri State Capitol

Join the ladies at Cambridge as they discuss their experience representing the manufacturing industry at the Missouri State Capitol during International Women's Day. Learn about the important lessons they learned when meeting with elected officials and the ongoing efforts to increase female representation in manufacturing. Discover how the industry is evolving to promote a culture of respect and appreciation for all individuals involved. If you're in manufacturing, don't miss out on joining your local manufacturing associations like the Missouri Association for Manufacturing.

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Growing Leaders through Dale Carnegie Training

Cambridge recently had 33 team members graduate from Dale Carnegie Leadership Training. This was not your typical death by PowerPoint training. Instead, team members were challenged with engaging activities that enhanced their public speaking and leadership abilities.

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Cambridge MFG Day 2021

Each year, on the first Friday in October, the manufacturing community opens its doors to the public. This is known as Manufacturing Day. Manufacturers try to give insights into the problems and solutions that the modern manufacturer faces. This year Cambridge had the pleasure of hosting an event on creators wanted that provided a glimpse into manufacturing.

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The Manufacturing Leader Podcast: Restoring Glory and Dignity to Manufacturing

In this episode of The Manufacturing Executive, Joe Sullivan talks with John Kramer, Chairman & CEO at Cambridge Air Solutions, 
and Marc Braun, President at Cambridge Air Solutions, about what it means to restore glory and dignity to manufacturing through both culture and business practices.

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Taking the Reins at a Cambridge Air Solutions Morning Meeting

Public speaking, a presentation given live before an audience, remains a common fear for most people.  And being able to convey a message, share something personal or educate people plays a vital role in many institutions and in the art of developing solid relationships.

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Revolutionize Your Business: Transforming Company Culture for Unbeatable Employee Retention

Employee retention is a puzzle that can seem impossible in a normal year. Enter a global pandemic and hiring shortages, and it is even more critical that you are actively creating a workplace that your employees will feel a sense of loyalty to and want to stay at to advance their career.

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