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Diversifying Your Team Starts with Culture


Tugboat Institute – an organization we’re a part of that unites other purpose-driven leaders – just shared an article showcasing our very own CEO, John Kramer.

In the article, John delves into our journey of fostering a more balanced workforce. He sheds light on the shifts we observed in our applicant demographic during the challenging times of COVID-19. Interestingly, we noticed an increase in female applicants, and when we dug into it, they shared insights about feeling genuinely welcomed, supported, and more! Here is a quick snip from the original article:

In the world of manufacturing, achieving or even approaching gender balance has historically been challenging. The physical work that it requires was once considered more appropriate for men, and though we now know that is not the case, it’s been a hard stereotype to dismantle. However, in recent years, here at Cambridge Air Solutions, we have managed to defy the odds and create a more balanced workforce. It happened partially on purpose and partially by accident, but as we look back and study the changes we’ve seen in recent years, we are now taking steps to intentionally preserve our progress. Above all else, we’ve learned that our success on this front is rooted in a deeply ingrained culture of respect, dignity, and inclusivity.

If you would like to read the full article, click here!