Taking the Reins at a Cambridge Air Solutions Morning Meeting

Public speaking, a presentation given live before an audience, remains a common fear for most people.  And being able to convey a message, share something personal or educate people plays a vital role in many institutions and in the art of developing solid relationships.

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Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

What happens when an employee is asked to leave behind the realities of their home life when they walk into their workplace? The outcome is a conflicted person who is forced to figure out where their loyalties lie. As leaders, if you can recognize, celebrate and try to help with different facets of their lives, you can tap into their "whole person" - somebody who is much, much more than somebody you just pay to complete a list of tasks.  If people are allowed to speak and act freely about their non-work life, they are likely to have a better sense of belonging, stronger loyalties, and often bring innovative ways to problem-solve to the table.

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Employee engagement – letting the employee be heard!

We all know what Employee Engagement means, getting our employees to be present at work. Getting them to make things better, paying attention to quality and making sure our customers are taken care of. But how do we get it?

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How do you answer “What do you do?”

Changing perspective might be your game changer. It certainly was ours. “Helping Leaders Create Better Working Environments for Hard Working People” is the message on the home page of our website. It signals for the reader, the answer to the question “What is it that you do?” For years, we answered that question by saying that we are an HVAC manufacturer. Technically, that is true - however, “What we do” is help business leaders support their people by delivering systems/processes/support along with our equipment that create comfort and well-being for an organization’s most valuable asset – their employees.

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Bringing Glory and Dignity Back to Manufacturing

"My passion is to restore Glory and Dignity back to US Manufacturing." This ambitious statement was first articulated by our CEO, John Kramer, during a lean exposure trip in 2017. Since then, it's become our mantra at Cambridge, demonstrating what we we all know is true: that the people working within the manufacturing industry are elevating perceptions and creating a huge impact on the overall national GDP. And we need to celebrate them.

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Curious What The Best Practices For An Internship Program Are?

Internship.  The word that is always in the back of most college students’ heads.  Where do I start?  How do I get one?  Is my resume good enough?  Am I good enough?

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